CCI statement on recent threats to Canadian Imams

Recent threats to two Canadian Imams that include a member of the Canadian Council of Imams (CCI) demonstrates the absolute bankruptcy of the morals and beliefs of the Da’eesh (so-called ISIL) group that seeks to make disbelievers of all Muslims that do not believe as they do. Threats and incitement to murder prominent Muslim scholars and leaders living in the North America and Europe helps to demonstrate the urgency of the need to work against the deviant ideology that seeks to destroy all of us.

The recent announcement of the Canadian Council of Imams that intends to establish deradicalization clinics is all the more important today. We as an organization reflecting the length and breadth of Muslim communities in Canada, call on the Government of Canada and all Canadians to support the work of the CCI in its effort to counter the messages and acts of violent extremism. We also call on Muslims across Canada to unite in driving this evil ideology from among us. We also invite all Canadians to fight against Islamophobia which aids the marginalization of Canadian Muslims and strengthens the messaging of this deviant call to violent extremism.

We, the Canadian Council of Imams, remain steadfast in reaffirming our unequivocal belief in the sanctity of every life and in the criminalization of the acts of those who kill, injure or harm innocent civilians.

We appeal to the Law enforcement agencies at all levels to investigate such threats against any Canadians and to extend protection to individuals and family where necessary.