Full Time Imam Position in Ottawa, SNMC’s Employment Opportunity

Please respond directly to the address given below.

To address the growing needs of the community and complement existing services, the South Nepean Muslim Community (SNMC) **has one new full time imam position.


The new Imam will primarily  focus on the spiritual programs, while the existing Imam will mainly focus on the social activities.


SNMC is seeking a passionate, motivated full-time Imam to lead SNMC as the Centre of excellence in spirituality, education and youth activities in  Canada.


SNMC, located in the heart of Ottawa Suburb, is a multi-ethnic, multi fiqh, diverse and inclusive Masjid and Community Center. SNMC was established in 1998 and later opened and moved into its new masjid and community Centre in Barrhaven, OTTAWA, Ontario in December 2014. Barrhaven is home to approximately 15,000 diverse Muslims.


Additional information about the job’s qualifications, and duties can be found at https://newsletter.snmc.ca/?p=6321

Please apply to hiring@snmc.ca on  or before September 17, 2018