Condemnation of bodily attack on Imam during prayers

The Canadian Council of Imams (CCI) strongly condemns a dangerous incident that
occurred during the Fajr (dawn) prayer at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto (IFT) and it
is with great concern that we publicly announce our solidarity with the Imams, staff,
executives and members of the IFT.

This morning, CCI reached out to Imam Badat who was attacked and while he’s in good
spirits, he’s highly traumatized along with the renewed concern of his congregation
about their safety. The CCI is grateful that no one was physically injured, however, the
emotional trauma will linger and CCI will provide all peer support to Imam Badat, his
colleagues, and all Imams.

The bravery of the congregants to prevent this ugly incident from escalating is truly
remarkable and CCI strongly encourage all congregants to continue their increased

Thanks to the Toronto Police Service for their rapid response in arresting the
perpetrator and their investigation is continuing.

May Allah continue to protect all of us and especially our Imams who are always
vulnerable on the job, both on-site and off-site.

Canadian Council of Imams

Download this statement as a PDF by clicking here.