Membership & Guidelines

The Council’s vision is to bring all the Canadian Imams together to benefit from each other, support each other and exchange experiences. We believe in team work and unity. As an organization whose motto is “to serve those who serve” we define ourselves based on our services to our community, our nation and our members. We invite anyone who is an Imam or chaplain to join our council.
To obtain a membership in the council please contact us through our email (

To become a member one has to fulfill the following requirements;
1. To be serving as an Imam or a chaplain in a Canadian Muslim community
2. To believe and practice the basic tenets and teachings of Islam including Tawhid (Oneness of Allah) and the finality of Prophet Muhammad (Blessings & Peace be upon him) as well as the pillars of Iman and Islam
3. To have some basic and essential knowledge of Islam to be able to lead a congregation in different religious services
4. To abide with the bylaws and guidelines of the council’s constitutiom
5. To abide with the Canadian federal and provincial laws including but not limited to performing marriages with a valid license, safety and security of served congregations, counselling ethics…etc.,
6. To honour and implement the Universal values and principles of Islam and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
7. To be willing to work with other Imams to address different issues faced by Muslims and Canadians
8. To always seek unity and maintain respect among fellow Imams and Chaplains
9. To attend the monthly meetings and the Annual general meeting (unless it is impossible for a reasonable reason)
10. To believe, teach and implement the points of of our CCI declaration