Full Time Imam Position in Ottawa, SNMC’s Employment Opportunity

Please respond directly to the address given below.

To address the growing needs of the community and complement existing services, the South Nepean Muslim Community (SNMC) is seeking a passionate, motivated full-time Imam to lead SNMC as the Centre of excellence in spirituality, education and youth activities in Canada.


SNMC, located in the heart of Ottawa Suburb, is a multi-ethnic, multi fiqh, diverse and inclusive Masjid and Community Center. SNMC was established in 1998 and later opened and moved into its new masjid and community Centre in Barrhaven, OTTAWA, Ontario in December 2014. Barrhaven is home to approximately 15,000 diverse Muslims.  For further questions and clarification relating to this application please email hiring@snmc.ca.  


Please apply with confidence via email addressed hiring@snmc.ca and include two references, with a cover letter explaining how you meet the qualifications as outlined above. The position is open until filled. at  http://newsletter.snmc.ca/?p=6782. Please apply to hiring@snmc.ca