CCI Statement Regarding #OurLondonFamily

The Canadian Council of Imams is devastated after hearing the news about the ruthless killing of a Muslim family in London, Ontario on Sunday evening, driven by hate and Islamophobia.

The Canadian Muslim community is still healing from the horrific killing in the IMO Mosque in September 2020, and the vicious attack on Muslim women in Alberta in March 2021. The Muslim community is now reeling from the death of 3 generations of Muslims in one targeted attack that can only be described as an act of terrorism on Canadian soil. The attack – which was described by the mayor as “mass murder” was carried out on purpose by 20-year-old Nathaniel Veltman, who drove his truck onto the sidewalk and killed a grandmother, her son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and sent her 9-year-old grandson to the hospital with serious injuries, as the only survivor in the family.

We echo the call by our friends at the National Council of Canadian Muslims in asking all Canadians to change their social media profile pictures to the image of the Green Ribbon Against Islamophobia and using the hashtag #OurLondonFamily .

We invite the Canadian Muslim community and all allies to contribute to this fundraising campaign, established by the London Muslim Mosque and Islamic Relief, to support the surviving members of the family, who have asked for privacy so they may grieve in peace. The link for the fundraiser is:

We ask God Almighty to bestow His mercy on the victims, His consolations to the surviving members, and His support for justice to be served.

The Canadian Council of Imams
June 7, 2021