About CCI


The Canadian Council of Imams is a collective leadership of Imams (Ministers of Religion) in Canada. 

Established in 1990, the Council has been serving the Canadian Muslim communities throughout the nation in different capacities as well as acting as a unifying platform for Canadian Imams and chaplains. 

In addition to being an important reference and a resource centre for Canadian Muslims, the Canadian governments and media, the council has been playing a leadership role especially after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the ongoing Islamophobia, and its impact on Muslim minorities around the world. 

Through its monthly meetings, press releases, seminars and conferences the council has succeeded in bringing most of the Imams together, unite them, and unite different communities on many issues. 

The council has deliberated over various matters affecting the community and has been successful in providing solutions for many conflicts and challenges over the last twenty-six years. At the same time, the council has filled a vacuum with the different levels of Government and has been the principle liaison throughout the nation.

The Council does not endorse political parties or candidates, but we support each other in working for policies that both embody and actively foster love and caring, kindness and generosity, nonviolence, ethical and ecological sensitivity, and awe, wonder, and amazement at the grandeur of the universe.


• To Provide a platform for Imams to come together and address issues affecting the Muslim Community at large as well as the nation

• To Assist in coordinating activities in member communities

• To develop policies & practices that enhance understanding of Islam among Muslims & non-Muslims

• To act as an advisor on Islamic matters with various levels of Government

• To build bridges with the leadership of other faith groups and find ways to work with them on different issues of common concern and interest


• Settled thousands of disputes in the Muslim community, related either to Marriage, Divorce, Inheritance or any other issues;

• Been accepted as full member of numerous Inter-Faith Committees of both Federal and Provincial Governments as well as Municipal ones to provide Chaplaincy services in Correctional facilities and Hospitals;

• Has been representing Islam and Muslims locally and internationally in hundreds of events, programs and conferences.

• Has been providing training on Islam for Chaplaincy students;

• Has been acting as an advisor on Islamic matters to different national and local Law enforcement agencies;

• Has been conducting hundreds of sensitivity training for different government and public institutions workers; 

• Has Organized many workshops on assessing Social Service needs of Muslim Community in Ontario, 

• Has been working with hospitals, prisons, airlines catering companies and public institutions to provide and standardize Muslims Halal Meals. 

• Facilitated training of Hospital visitation program by Muslims on a 24 hour needs basis;

• Has been partnering and dialoguing with different federal and provincial governments on issues of National and Provincial Interests including but not limited to national security, de-radicalization, racism and human rights, religious accommodation, family law matters, immigration and refugees, 

• Presented tons of papers at different conferences in universities and different platforms both locally and internationally.

• Condemned and organized campaigns against Terrorist acts and ideologies in both Canada and elsewhere through press releases, articles, letters, declarations, media interviews, multimedia .


Canadian Muslim communities are very diverse and there does not exist a single hierarchy of religious leadership. CCI is a voluntary platform to come together to advance common goals and address challenges.
CCI is not a regulatory body for Imams/scholars serving Canadian Muslims. The Council does not take responsibility for the individual actions of any Imams/scholars.
Anyone using the CCI logo or name for any certification or endorsement without authorization will be subject to legal proceedings.

Mailing Address:PO Box 68548 Great Lakes. Brampton, Ontario, L6R 0J8