Halal Certifications

Halal Certification & Accreditation

In 2006, the Canadian Council of Imams opened a dedicated department for Halal Certification and Accreditation which audits and certifies public institutions and Public services providers such as hospitals, correction centres, educational institutions, airline companies…etc., The Council has invested to this date a lot of resources in training, guiding and helping different places in Ontario and elsewhere to meet the Muslim standards.

This department works at two levels:
(1) Halal Certification for Products and for Facilities for major food suppliers, public and government institutions (Hospitals, detention centres, educational institutions, Airline companies...etc.,). The council also conducts training and education about dietary regulations.

(2) Accreditation & training for Canadian or resident Imams and chaplains as well as helping them whenever possible for placement and permanent positions to serve Canadian Muslim communities.


EMAIL: certification@canadiancouncilofimams.com

Important Note: Please notify us if you see the Council’s Halal seal being used illegally by some meat providers and restaurants!

The Council confirms that the meals served in the following airlines are Halal according to the Council’s Certification and Accreditation Department’s standards:

Ettihad Airlines
Emirates Airlines
Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)
Egypt Air